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Underscore and check function to deal with directories on symlink days 23 hours ago
I just published: Do you know what you are measuring with pgbench? days 8 hours ago
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@mPrzepiorka @lufthansa LOL. Not the database. Responsys. days 18 hours ago
@Adrien_nayrat @mjpt777 @PostgreSQL I wish researchers do meaningful benchmarks ;) Running TPC-C involves mostly wh… week 10 hours ago
Science rocks. Do you know that the P in PET Scan stands for positron, which is an anti-electron? Medecine uses ant… week 11 hours ago
RT @boliniak: Maybe will be useful for someone, how to install Oracle 19c on RHEL 8 week 13 hours ago
Ellison on Grid Computing: It's Invincible, Inevitable. (Newswire, 10 September 2003) "It's capacity on demand. Pl… week 13 hours ago
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RT @pewu78: “Why Oracle likes indexes so much” – final(?) part - with dedication to @ChandlerDBA week 21 hours ago