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@oraculix Haha this is a cool trick :) — 2 days 23 hours ago
@Storagezilla Haha, sounds very familiar. This stopped for me when I got a new car and started using Carplay instea… days 23 hours ago
@vijayrsehgal I know I won’t ;) — 3 days 11 hours ago
@PrashantTdixit Oh, that was over 10 years ago, broke my heel with watersports! (Long story :) — 3 days 11 hours ago
RT @TanelPoder: Check out my upcoming events, conferences, online training and hacking sessions! #linux #advanced… — 3 days 11 hours ago
@CynicalGSD Yes, it is multithreaded — 3 days 21 hours ago
So if we have under 500 people, I'll deliver the talk from my bed — 3 days 21 hours ago
Only 294 people have signed up for next Tuesday's hacking session so far! C'mon people, grab your friends and relat… days 21 hours ago
@perftuner215 @POUG_ORG @ora600pl @JLOracle @ChandlerDBA @MDWidlake @fritshoogland @FranckPachot @radek_kut days 21 hours ago
RT @TanelPoder: I’m speaking at the POUG online conference in July, there will be even more hacking sessions and I also have an “upcoming e… — 3 days 21 hours ago