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@ExaGridDba @sqldaily Something like: select t.*, sys.dbms_sqlhash.gethash( q'{select * from emp… hours 32 min ago
RT @orana_updates: Loyal readers and community supporters have resurrected OraNA and prevented interruption to the service. Thank you @Jame… — 7 hours 43 min ago
@DBoriented @oracleace @FranckPachot @amitzil @FriedholdMatz Interesting that you can then do: drop table children… hours 15 min ago
@DBoriented @oracleace @FranckPachot I can't reproduce the problem on (unpatched) The child table drops o… hours 7 min ago
RT @sqldaily: You can hash the output of a #SQL query using sys.dbms_sqlhash.gethash So you can check a query returns the expected result… — 23 hours 29 min ago
@MDWidlake Also worth knowing that you don’t have to gather all of them at once: day 19 hours ago
RT @fritshoogland: A look into oracle redo: index and overview day 19 hours ago
RT @UKOUG: Call for papers & speakers is now open for #ukoug_apps18 & #ukoug_tech18! Share your expertise and take to the stage on 3-5 Dece… — 1 day 23 hours ago
RT @sqldaily: What could go wrong with a simple: insert into archive_tab select * from curr_tab; delete from curr_tab; ? If mo… — 2 days 19 hours ago
@OracleSK @richardfoote @dbiservices @FranckPachot Basic key compression has been around so long I’d forgotten it wasn’t available in SE. — 5 days 6 hours ago