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@MDWidlake Here’s one I prepared (10 years) earlier: hours 6 min ago
RT @MDWidlake: Oracle SQL hints are NOT HINTS. I told the optimizer to access a large table via nested loops - as I was stupid & had misse… — 4 hours 43 min ago
RT @ChrisRSaxon: Coming in 20c #SQL macros Functions that return expressions that become part of your query Unlike PL/SQL there is no co… — 8 hours 14 min ago
RT @OracleSK: One more week to go until #tvdpdays in ZRH. All slides & demos prepared - ready to geek out with some of the best Oracle exp… — 1 day 6 hours ago
For all those not at OOW19, and all those waking up at 4:00 am at OOW19 there's an update to my note on using Java… days 4 hours ago
In case you missed it earlier on - what with OOW19 etc. - How easy is it to use updatable join views ? Very - if yo… days 18 hours ago
@ToonKoppelaars So I said I might not renew my licence now that I’ve retired and then ... — 2 days 18 hours ago
In case you missed it earlier on today - and if the granularity of dbms_lock.sleep() / user_lock.sleep() isn't good… days 23 hours ago
@kevinclosson The deed is done. If you've ever pulled the plug (literally) on a production RAC suite and waited 3 m… days 23 hours ago
A simple viability test to see if you could solve a coding requirement with an undatable join view: days 1 hour ago