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@LallMarek Maybe - but before you got to 12c there was 9i, 10g, 11g. But the comment about licences is interestin… week 1 day ago
@AndrewSayer_ I don't think I've tested "create for exchange" to see what it does with the Hakan factor, I can't fi… week 1 day ago
If a table has more than 255 columns it gets split into pieces, and the code counts row pieces to set the Hakan fac… week 1 day ago
I've just tested 18.3 to see if an error in the calculaton of the Hakan factor that I described in Practical Oracle… week 1 day ago
Practical Oracle 8i p.111 "Every nonunique index should be examined and every multi-column unique index should be… week 1 day ago
Looking for my blog note on Trust, I found this one - which is instructive and ends with a quick quiz (to which I h… week 1 day ago
You mean this one which is currently outside the trust date limit, but it's a meta-blog so… week 1 day ago
From Practical Oracle 8i p90 "There is a bit of a problem with getting good results at this stage of the calculati… week 1 day ago
Just rediscovered this one - the maxim is too good to ignore: week 1 day ago
@richardfoote @connor_mc_d @Trivadis And there was I wondering whether I'd have time to squeeze a fifth slide into… week 1 day ago