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I have been an Oracle Database Engineer since 1990 (Oracle 5.1C/6.0), and worked at Oracle Corporation from 1990 to 2000. Member of Oracle Corporation's Core Technologies team in 1994, and was Oracle Consulting's liaison to development during the rollout of Advanced Replication. Member of Oracle's System Performance Group from 1995 to 2000. Significant contributions at Oracle include development of training and guidance material for the use of Advanced Replication, contribution to the OFA standard and participation in the development of queueing and capacity planning models. CTO of Savant Corporation from 2000-2001, where I worked on the Q performance monitoring client with John Beresniewicz. VP of Database Engineering at Precise Software after it acquired Savant. Senior Director of Database Engineering at Network Solutions from 2002 to 2007, responsible for managing database architecture and database development to support Network Solutions online web systems. Significant achievements included the analysis of data skew among NetSol customer product portfolios, and standards for database development and deployment. Currently a Vice President at Agilex Corporation. Interests include the continual development of processes and procedures to improve the quality and efficient coding of database applications -- organizational and cultural structures to support highly tuned PL/SQL and SQL coding. Defining the roles of DBA and developers with regard to schema design, SQL statement coding and PL/SQL development. Passionate about a scientific approach to making sure designs and code are as efficient as possible before they are introduced into production, with allowances for utilizing production feedback for continual improvement. Continued interest in modeling and capacity planning tools which can be calibrated against real-world statistical results. Currently live in the Washington DC area, with my wife Wendy (a stellar Oracle technical person in her own right), two kids (Peter and Francesca), and our Labrador Retriever, Fenway. Unabashed fan of the Boston Red Sox, and lover of downhill skiing and sailboating.

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