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I have been a consultant for most of my career and have been fortunate enough to spend time doing a combination of technical stuff and business stuff. I started an Oracle focused consulting company called Database Consultants in the very late 80's (it was later renamed to ThinkSpark). I eventually sold ThinkSpark and in 2004 I co-founded another Oracle focused consulting firm call Enkitec. That company was acquired by Accenture in 2014. My current company (Gluent) was formed in 2015. Gluent aims to TRANSPARENTLY connect enterprise applications to cloud and big data platforms. The goal is to allow existing applications to take advantage of scalable, cost effective, distributed backends, without breaking anything.

On the technical side I am most interested in addressing performance issues. I am also very interested in distributed systems such as hadoop. On the business side, I enjoy building teams of unique, talented people and figuring out how to get them (us) to work together as a team.

I blog (infrequently these days) at and have co-authored a couple of books, Pro Oracle SQL and Expert Oracle Exadata, both published by Apress. I still manage to speak at a number of technical conferences every year. I also tweet infrequently @KerryOracleGuy.

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