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Morten Tangaa-Andersen
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I started out working in IT in the mid-80'es, coding Motorola assembler and C, while still at University. I managed to graduate with an MS in Computer Science and a BS in Mathematics - I cannot even understand the abstract of some of the papers I wrote back then anymore... I got interested in databases around 1991, when we needed somewhere to store information for a calendar application, so I started writing my own database application ... then I moved on to working with Oracle 6, Forms 3 and Pro*C, then turned DBA. I got acquainted with Mogens Nørgaard while working as a DBA (around 1994), actually patching an Oracle 7 control file using a hex-editor with a speechless (!!!) Mogens on the phone. In the mid-90'es I moved away from DBA work back to development (Forms 3.0-4.5, Pro*C etc) and have spent a lot of time tuning/optimizing SQL, PL/SQL, application code and infrastructures. In 1997 I went to Switzerland to work as a consultant, then after a couple of years I moved to California (San Francisco Bay Area) where I worked as a consultant for almost 8 years mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. This is where I got into Java, XML and other fancy stuff. I moved back to Denmark in 2006 and joined Miracle at the recommendation of former colleagues, and a chat about beer on the phone with Mogens.

I left Miracle just after Mogens did to become an independent consultant. I am now mainly involved with Oracle FMW as architect (!) and technical lead.

.. and I brew my own beer ;-)

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