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I got interested in Oracle in 1992 when I ended up using SAS instead to organize some big data on behalf of National Defence Canada. I worked with Oracle in earnest starting in 1994 when I wrote some financial and real estate systems. I doubled down in 1996 when I wrote some advanced replication stuff that got featured in Oracle Magazine. I doubled down again (quadrupled down?) when I founded Pythian in 1997. Trivia: Pythian means "about the Oracle" no lie, look it up. I tutored directly under Steve Adams and have worked directly with many illustrious members such as Alex Fatkulin, Alex Gorbachev, Gwen Shapira, Jared Still, Jeremiah Wilton, Jeremy Shneider, Kellyn Pot'Vin, Marc Fielding, Riyaj Shamsudeen, Timur Akhmadeev and Yury Velikanov. I have been a professional collaborator to many more of the membership and it is an absolute privilege to count myself among your number.

Now I'm working on my next big thing, Tehama. Tehama was born inside Pythian as our remote work service deliver platform. Essentially, a Tehama room is virtual real estate that you can invite your team all over the world to enter, and it acts like an airlock for data - the work can come in, but the data can't escape.

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