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Yury Velikanov
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I am energetic IT specialist. I like what I do for living. I have been an Oracle DBA for more than 15 years. However the number of years doesn't say as much about my experience as environments, challenging projects and great people I worked with.

I do enjoy learning new things, research and solve problems. As much as learning I like sharing my knowledge. I truly believe that we learn more while sharing that we know. I am blogger and active in the social media. Please do not hesitate to follow me and engage me in a technology related discussion. I do present often. If you see me on one of Conferences please come along and say "hi" or ask a questions you may have.

My current motive is: I like my job, I like what I do, I like to share knowledge, I like to help others to share knowledge, I like to learn, I like my job.

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